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4/28/14 Monday 8:00 pm

Phillip Hatfield; Challenges of Change

Phillip is a powerful and inspiring speaker with a glowing personality and huge smile. He is a successful businessman, author and business coach with the Zig Ziglar Corporation. He has become an expert transformer, overcoming the barriers and obstacles he describes as The Challenges of Change.  After an accident left him fighting for his life and resulted in him becoming an amputee, Phillip had to readjust and create a new life for himself, overcoming challenges in the home as well as in business. This experience has taught him what we all need to know about facing challenges and breaking down the barriers that hold so many of us back. His powerful and inspiring lesson to us is that our greatest tragedies can be our greatest blessings. His book, Carried By Angels, is a work of inspiration and motivation drawn from his experiences of being knocked down many times. Phillip is often heard saying; my greatest tragedy is my greatest blessing. You can learn more about Phillip HERE and follow him on Facebook.

5/5/14 Monday 8:00 pm

Pat Reihl; Two lives One Lifetime

Pat Reihl is the author of the newly released memoir; Two Lives One Lifetime describing her own experiences through her journey of generational addiction and is a bare all work she hopes will help thousands with an honest look at a rarely talked about phenomenon of our culture. Today, Pat continues a thirty-five year professional career in addiction recovery, specializing in working with women and families. You can learn more about Pat HERE and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

5/8/14 Thursday 8:00 pm

Joe Calloway; Be the Best at What Matters Most!

Joe Calloway is a performance coach and advisor who helps great companies get even better. He helps organizations focus on what is truly important, inspires constant improvement, and motivates people to immediate action. Joe has been a business author, coach, and speaker for 30 years and his client list reads like an international Who’s Who in business, ranging from companies like Coca Cola and IBM to Saks Fifth Avenue and American Express. Joe is the author of the new book: Be the Best at What Matters Most and four other ground-breaking business books including Becoming A Category of One. Joe has served on the faculty of the Center for Professional Development at Belmont and has presented at business conferences in countries around the world. Mr. Calloway is a popular speaker for business meetings and events. Although Joe has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, he doesn't do traditional speeches. Instead, Joe actively engages people in highly interactive keynotes and workshops that challenge assumptions and create new ways of thinking. You can learn more about Joe HERE and follow him on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

5/12/14 Monday 8:00 pm

Randy Pennington; Make Change Work

Randy Pennington is a business performance veteran, author, and an expert in helping organizations build a culture focused on results. He is the President of Pennington Performance Group, a consulting and education firm. Randy’s latest book; Make Change Work is available now. Randy’s personal work experience has taken him from a locker room attendant to consulting in the Board rooms of corporate America. Along the way, he’s been a ...senior executive in a start-up mental health facility; HR professional in a 25,000 employee government agency; recreation therapist in a psychiatric hospital; CFO of a multi-million dollar professional services firm; tire and appliance salesman; Chairman of the Board for a $17 million dollar non-profit and multi-million dollar foundation and professional musician at Six Flags Over Texas. You can find out more about Randy HERE and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

5/15/14 Thursday 5:30 pm

Amy Wells; Walk in Your Value

As Amy served clients of her Bridal Salon of 20 years, she discovered her passion of engaging hearts one with another, beginning by assisting fathers and mothers to connect with their daughters, siblings with each other and their parents, then husbands with their wives. She became more and more sought after to assist in all types of relationships: work place relationships, boss to employee, employee to boss, as well as day to day interactions between people. Thus, an amazing intuitive gift of connection emerged. In order to reach more hearts, to change more lives, and to assist in the bridging of gaps in family relationships, as well as business relationships Amy has founded her speaking and coaching company, AWE Engage International. As an independent certified John Maxwell Coach and certified Go Giver Speaker, she now speaks on connecting through communication. She works with ambitious business owners, growing churches, professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals, and families, on the art of team building, connecting, retaining their clients and growing closer to their loved ones. You can learn more about Amy HERE and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

5/19/14 Monday 8:00 pm

Dondi Scumaci; Ready, Set...Grow!

Dondi Scumaci is an international speaker and mentoring thought leader. Her books include; Designed for Success, Career Moves and Ready, Set...Grow. Her business career spans more than 20 years, including tenure as director for two top U.S. financial institutions. In 1995, she founded an advising firm, where she currently serves as president. Scumaci is a sought-after consultant for leadership development, professional conferences, keynote presentations and corporate mentoring strategies. Her dynamic presentations and consultations have made a proven, lasting impact on organizations across the United States and around the globe. You can learn more about Dondi HERE and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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